Process One (1990)
by Mark Cantrell
for PAW Programmers

Process One was a booklet written by Mark Cantrell, author of highly acclaimed ZX Spectrum text adventure Diablo!, and contained articles, tutorials & example code designed to help PAWS users implement advanced features in their own adventure games.

It covered topics such as loading screen$ and EXTERNS routines, objects & containers, multiple player characters, visible exits routines, game clocks and roaming PSIs. There were also examples of how to code commands such as OOPS, AGAIN, EXAMINE ALL and FOLLOW.

Mark's own games were well known for showcasing the potential and power of the PAW system and his booklet is well worth checking out whether you're a beginner or an advanced user of the software. Mark has kindly allowed a digital copy to be made available, which can be downloaded using the link below.

Process One (PDF)

©1990 Mark Cantrell.
Made available for dowload with the permission of the author.
Many thanks to John Wilson for the scan.

You can find links to Mark's work on his website.

His ZX Spectrum text adventure games are available on World of Spectrum & ZX Computing



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