Scout's Honour (Ernie Spludge 0)

Electric Storm Productions (c1994 / 2018 & 2020)

Written by Gareth Pitchford

'Ernie Spludge is excited... today is the day! Today is the day he will finally pluck up enough courage to ask his potential girlfriend Rosie out. He's come up with the perfect time to pop the question too... at the joint Scout & Guides disco in the local church hall. There is just one problem... entry is only open to those children that have completed their Bob-a-Job week challenge cards... and Ernie is still five tasks short!'

This is a 2018 recreation of a lost, partially complete game for the ZX Spectrum that has been brought to life, using Chris Ainsley's excellent Adventuron system, as a game that can be played in any web browser. It is a prequel to the Ernie Spludge trilogy that was released for the Spectrum & Amstrad home computer systems in the 1990s.

You can read about the original "1994" version here. This recreation omits some elements from the original game, such as the time limits and fail states... It is basically a brand new game but hopefully it captures some of the spirit of the lost adventure. (Confused about Bob-a-Job week? Click here)

New for 2020 - A new 8-bit version of the game has been produced using the Adventuron to DAAD conversion tool by Chris Ainsley as well as the DAADReady! suite of tools by Uto. This edition, powered by Infinite Imagination's DAAD, uses Uto's DAAD Reborn Compiler in conjunction with the Maluva extensions to store and stream text off the disk; allowing a bigger adventure (with more messages) to be created. There is a disk-access delay using this method, but the game wouldn't have fit into standard DAAD or PAW. The 8-bit version also features additional responses, gameplay improvements/tweaks and some QoL changes and can be considered the final "version 1" release of the game. Note: The 8-bit game streams content off disk so it performs slower than a regular PAW or DAAD game. You may wish to tweak your emulator to reduce the delay.

New for 2022 - A new 128K version for ZX Spectrum has been produced, using Sergio Chico's Spectrum 128K DAAD interpreter, that loads in extra content from memory, rather than streaming it off a disk. This works much faster and better than the previous +3 version!


ZX Spectrum +3 Screenshot

ZX Spectrum +3 Screenshot

ZX Spectrum +3 Screenshot

Scout's Honour (2018) - Adventuron Version:

Scout's Honour (2020, 2022) - Retro Platform Versions:

  • Scout's Honour (version 1.10) - ZX Spectrum 128K (2022 version) - 128K tape / +3 disk (draft version)
  • The Ernie Spludge Collection... all four Ernie Spludge games on one disk - Spectrum +3 disk
  • Find out about Adventuron and make your own games by clicking here!

Fonts used...
Adventuron: Plotter Bold / Spectrum +3 (2020): Envious by Damien Guard.
Check out his excellent ZX Origins 8x8 fonts here.


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