A Troll's Revenge

8bitAG (2019)

Written by Gareth Pitchford

Can you help retrieve the treasure stolen from the Cave of Magic?

A Troll's Revenge was written as part of CaveJam 2019. The aim of the gamejam was to create an Adventuron-powered game by expanding, and enhancing the existing template given for the one-puzzle adventure 'The Cave of Magic' by Chris Ainsley.

The graphics for A Troll's Revenge, crafted by helpcomputer0, weren't finished in time for the end of the jam, so a version, featuring Gareth's 'programmer art' was released instead.


--> Click here to play the game online (Version 0.8.6) <--


8-bit versions for ZX Spectrum & Amstrad (CP/M) were produced using an early version of Chris Ainsley's Adventuron to PAW converter; as well as manual extra tweaks and additional QoL coding. Graphics appear in the +3 version by repurposing Paul Brunyee's code from the Spectrum +3 version of Tony Collins' The Hermitage.


ZX Spectrum +3 Screenshot

ZX Spectrum +3 Screenshot

ZX Spectrum +3 Screenshot

A Troll's Revenge (2019) - Adventuron Version:

A Troll's Revenge (2019) - 8-Bit Version:

  • A Troll's Revenge - ZX Spectrum version - Z80 / SNA / TZX / TAP (PAW Version 1.0.0)
  • A Troll's Revenge - ZX Spectrum +3 Graphics Version - .DSK (Type PICS to turn off the pics!)
  • A Troll's Revenge - Amstrad version - Amstrad CP/M Disk version (.dsk) - Standalone CP/M .com file
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