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Interviews and profiles of text adventure authors:

Early British text adventures:

  • Adventure II An early British extended version of the mainframe game [1978/1979]
  • Galactic Hitchhiker A very early British home computer text adventure for UK101! [October 1980 - ]
  • Catacombs One of the earliest British home computer text adventures [March 1981 - ]
  • Syrtis Adventure An early British home computer port of the mainframe game Adventure [May 1981 - ]
  • Hopesoft Early UK text adventures for the Atom and BBC Micro [July/August 1981? - ]
  • Artic Adventures Early mentions & advertisements for their ZX80 and ZX81 adventures [August 1981 - ]
  • Weird Wood Weird Wood (1981) and Weird Wood II (1985 & 2020)

Information about homegrown text adventure software & software companies:

Other material/research:


Adventure Writing Resources

The Quill & AdventureWriter Resources:

  • The Fix by Kelsoft, re-typed instruction sheet

Professional Adventure Writer (PAWs) Resources:

Converting ZX Spectrum PAWed games to PAWs CP/M and DAAD:

Other Resources:


Other Research / Research in progress / Research notes & documents...

  • Snippets Interesting advertising and games for further investigation



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